The Portrayal of British Muslim’s Existence as Suspect and Security Threat Community in UK A Selective Analysis of legislative Reforms

  • Hafiz Obaid ur Rehman PhD Scholar, Department of Islamic Studies, The Islamia University of Bahawalpur
  • Zia ur Rehman The Islamia University of Bahawalpur
Keywords: Legislative Reforms, Stigmatized, Notions, Taboos, Heritage and Culture


The UK has been a safe haven for migrants for decades for its future scope. The people from all over the world and from all the walks of life have been shifting to UK for a better, prosperous, safe and bright future. The Religious and political leadership of different countries has been seeking safe zone in UK since long. But the situation changed other way round right after 9/11 A and the launch of war to eradicate Terror. And situation got worst on 7/7 attacks in UK and it paved for legislation on terrorism.

Different Acts and Laws were passed to ensure the safety of British People. The only community double crossed was the British Muslim community that suffered a lot .All the legislative reforms were focusing the Muslims in UK and it added to the hardships of Muslims. The Muslim Rituals, Islam, Islamic Notions and Taboos, Muslim Heritage and culture, Employment Ratio, Religious freedom, Freedom of Expression, Muslim Ladies and children were badly affected by the legislative reforms introduced and implemented to counter the Terrorism in UK. The Muslims were stigmatized and misrepresented in Electronic and Print Media.

The Muslim Community was declared as threat to the safe UK. The British Muslims’ privacy was unlawfully disturbed through stop, check, interrogation and harassment.


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