Information Needs and Sources of Clergy

A Systematic Literature Review

  • Fayyaz Hussain University of the Punjab
  • Muddasar Hussain
Keywords: Clergy, Clergy roles, Religious professionals, Information needs, Information sources, Information behavior


The purpose of this Systematic Literature Review is to find out the information needs and sources of Clergy, as explored in the empirical studies published from 1999 to June 2020. A comprehensive search process of three databases for studies of information behavior of clergy was employed in order to retrieve studies for this systematic review. Common themes that appeared from literature were synthesized into a discussion of information patterns. In addition to this, an analysis of study methods was carried out on all selected studies. Three roles in everyday life of the clergy as “Preacher”, “Caregiver” and “Administrator”; have identified and their information needs and sources have also been explored. Findings revealed that the clergy used print and non-print sources depending upon the nature of particular role they performed. Hence, this review also identified some literature gaps and suggested new areas for further research. This Systematic Literature Review significantly conducted to highlight the information needs and sources of Clergy. The findings may help to get better understanding of this specific group and may also beneficial for stakeholders in policy and decision making.


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