• PROF DR ISRAR AHMAD KHAN Professor, Department of Tafsir, Faculty of Islamic Sciences, Social Sciences University of Ankara, Turkiye
Keywords: The Qur’an, Ideal Human Society, Animal, Children of Adam, Sincerity to Allah and the Last Prophet (s.a.w.), Moral Values, Ecosystem


Most of the western philosophies dominant today treat man as animals. The famous views on man attributed to the modern disciplines, such as sociology and psychology, are “Man is a social animal”; “Man is an intellectual animal”. To equate man with animals amounts to his/her humiliation. The Qur’an names man as human (insan) {15:26}, describes him/her children of Adam (bani Adam) {7:26}, and informs that the children of Adam hold the most dignified position on earth (mukarram) {17:70}. The Qur’an seeks to inspire the mankind to establish human society based on and governed by some absolute principles: (1) Sincerity of Commitment to Allah and the Last Prophet (s.a.w.), (2) Dominance of Absolute Moral Values, (3) Caring Attitude towards the Animals, and (4) Sensitivity to the Ecosystem. This paper represents discussion on these four features of the society the Qur’an seeks to develop. The methodology applied to such discourse is in no uncertain term critical analysis. The conclusion arrived at in the paper is that the entire mankind needs to take the Qur’anic messages concerning ideal society to ensure peace and harmony on the surface of the earth.


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